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3BLK, Triple Black, /ˈtrɪp.l̩/ /blæk/


There are a few sporting activities that define their difficulty with a rating system from green, blue, red to black. If you have ever been out on the skis or mountain biking trails you will likely have seen trail maps with these symbols. Many locations have areas for the most extreme, technically advanced and plain crazy people, originally the most difficult black diamond trails have been eclipsed by the double black diamond trails. In turn the double black diamond runs will be eclipsed by even harder triple black diamond trails, bigger drops, faster rides, extreme danger.

Find your 3BLK Zone

3BLK stands for the challenge, the journey of finding your triple black diamond runs. Everyone is unique, everyone comes from a different background, everyone has a different limit. We want to help motivate and inspire others to find fulfil their desires to step outside of their comfort zone, however extreme that may or may not be. As a collective of outdoor sports enthusiast shaped by differing life situations we want to share our experiences and to cultivate a following and a brand that symbolises everyone’s personal drive to get out there into the 3BLK Zone.


About Oli


An avid mountain biker, climber, hiker, skier, snowboarder…..and so many other activities. I am pretty much up for anything outside. Having worked in IT for 15+ years I decided to look at different life objectives, what else can I learn and what new skills can I develop? A career in IT is still part of my life, I now manage my work/life balance differently to allow me to search for my 3BLK Zone. Thus far I have discovered a have mountain biking and climbing skills, I have hiked >1000km’s in Spain and I have cycled >1500km’s down the Pacific Coast, I have climbed routes in some of the worlds premier locations and I have ridden the snow in many different locations.

If you are interested in contributing, please use the contact form. We are always open to new ideas and there may be something in it for you!

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