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Update Twenty Three – Sweden

The idea to go to Sweden was mine, I didn’t know much about it and it wasn’t part of the original plan. All I knew was that we wanted to try another hike and I found one called Kungsleden or Royal Trail. With our camping gear in tow we head off to Kiruna about 145 km north of the arctic circle in Lapland. What are we doing here? It was pouring rain and we start the 12 day hike tomorrow. We have good luck as we head to Abisko where the hike will start and end in Kivikkjokk about 187 km south. We hike for 11 days through the most beautiful snow capped mountains, meadows, rushing rivers, fresh water in abundance, grazing reindeer and elk , not to mention mosquitoes and midges by the millions. I also didn’t mention two hard days of hiking in the pouring rain and we still managed to camp every night.

We had booked train back to Stockholm before hike but as we ended a day early and could not change Ā tickets we ended up having to travel to a few more northern towns like Jokkmokk and Gallivare. This proved to be very expensive, not many options so you are forced to pay premium for everything. One great thing was that every hotel had a sauna…..its Scandinavia!

Finally showered ( I went 12 days with no shower or clean clothes) and a 14 hour train ride we make it to Stockholm. What a great city…laid back, outdoorsy, diverse (for the most part), expensive, great coffee and cafe culture, museums like the famous Vasa and galleries, last but not least the shopping!!! Has become one of my favorite cities. Next stop…a quick visit to Copenhagen before Portugal.

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  1. Louisa September 6, 2016

    Really enjoy reading your updates and seeing the pictures when I get the chance! Glad you survived your altitude sickness on one of your last couple posts!! Hope you guys continue to have great adventures:)

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