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Update Twenty Two – Spain Road Trip

As the weather in the UK is abysmal (July in UK) we set off on a road trip, well it was another two weeks of visiting the beaches, rocky bays, sandy strips and plenty of naturists flashing their junk.

Landing in Alicante, Spain we rented a car and headed off. With only a few nights hotel booked it was pretty much “go with the flow”.  The original idea was to get away from the rain in UK and that’s what we got. Extreme heat to hit Spain were the headlines on the news….I guess we got what we wanted.

I had read about a protected park called Cabo de Gato on the southeast coast of Spain. First day we decided to check out a more isolated part of the park but with the limited information we set off and ended up about 30 min hike from the sea and once we got to this beautiful rocky beach we saw the sign “area nudista”, we are not going back so we jump in and enjoy, pretty much had the area to ourselves as the 30 min hike would deter many. This was my first introduction to the many, many nudists beaches in Spain. For the next week we spent exploring the beaches and we were not disappointed. The best part being that it wasn’t hard to end up on three different beaches everyday and on some we were on our own.

A side trip to a mountain town of Trevelez in the Sierra Nevada range of Andalucia. We hit a campground before hiking up to the highest peak in Spain. It started off great..it wasn’t an easy hike but we made it up to Siete Lagunas where we set up camp for the night and would hike the peak in the morning. After a few minutes I wasn’t feeling well…headache which got worse and worse, nausea, anxiety, maybe even a little confusion. Altitude sickness hit me hard and last minute we decided that I wasn’t getting better and had to hike down before sunset. Dropping about 1000 feet and I automatically was feeling better, we set up camp and tried to sleep, by the morning I was better and we hiked back down. Never made it up to the peak.

We kept driving south and decide to stop in Granada… A must see visit to the Alhambra!  This is where the heat wave hit us in a major way….38 c and it was sweltering.


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