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Update Twenty One – Malta

Last minute decision and we jetted off to Malta, where Oliver’s uncle lives. Best decision ever…Well we spent one day in Malta, the rest of the two week trip was spent exploring the bay’s, beaches and sights of Gozo.

Gozo is a small island in Mediterranean between Sardinia, Italy and Libya in North Africa. It has managed to retain an island feel despite the pressure of tourism. Most people come for the day from Malta, so spending two weeks there allowed us to experience an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle. At 67 sq km and 37,000 inhabitants…its small, but it’s surrounded by amazing bays, cliffs and a few beaches where we spent all of our time exploring. Life is relaxed, free parking, free beach access, free access to the countryside, life is not about making money. When you do pay its good value.

We pretty much went swimming twice a day everyday and there are too many bays, coves and beaches to mention them all, so favourites were all of them! We figured out the lay of the land by walking with the very efficient bus system as our mode of transport, plus numerous lifts from Olivers Uncle. Bus was easy and cheap but a little time consuming as all buses go through the main city of Victoria. We hit pretty much every place you can swim, from isolated natural harbour, rocky beaches, inland sea, and the open Mediteranean. We visited Comino island, about a 10 min boat ride from Gozo….although it’s like being at spring break, you can manage to escape through the naturally formed tunnel connecting the Blue Lagoon to the open Mediterranean. Back on Comino all of the intoxicated swimmers are trying to get hit by boats before attempting to imitate lobsters with their bright red skin tones. Time to go back to Gozo!

The only other places we went apart from swimming was the Rubble bar in Xhagra run by the friendly Audrey and did one day trip to the capital city of Valletta in Malta.

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