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Week Eleven – Tikal

Another 8 hour bus ride gets us to the city of Flores, Guatemala where the great Mayan ruins of Tikal are located. This week was not an easy one as we had no money and bank cards were not working in any machine, we had no place to stay and tired.

We landed in a hotel that was told to us by a tourist guide…mistake! Although clean and had hot water we were pretty much situated beside a night club! Nightmare! Finally got money but not enough, so we managed to get tickets to Tikal and our ride back to Mexico via Belize city….and maybe a taco for dinner. We have gotten used to not eating much.

5 am pick up toTikal (no sleep) …..disaster! Our ticket did not include entrance fee so it’s 6 am,can’t get in and so we sit like a bunch of fool at entrance gate waiting for the next collectivo to back to Santa Elena. At this point Oliver is furious and had to calm him down..but we managed to get back to Tikal after tour guide let us borrow $300 pesos for entrance fee and we would pay him back later.

Finally got there but exhausted and already talking about leaving. Ruins sit deep in the jungle and are magnificent. only partly excavated, So one has to imagine how huge it once was and still is.

Back to Mexico…to Chetumal, just over the border from Belize. Another bus ride….final destination Tulum!


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  1. Louisa February 29, 2016

    These rough weeks are the best stories later! Hope next week is better.

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