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Week Eight – Xela, Guatemala

Quetzaltenango (Xela) is surrounded by volcanoes, one of the primary reasons for visiting is to hike Volcan Tajumulco, the highest peak in Central America and would also be the start of our 3 day hike to Lago Atitlan. The trip from San Cristobal, Mexico to Xela, Guatemala took us almost 12 hours. At the border we had to jump off the bus and cross by foot, it seems like you could walk straight through without even getting your passport stamped. After passing through without any questions we waited for the next bus and jumped on to our next stop in Huehuetenango where we changed vehicles for the third time, eventually we got dropped off right at the door of our hotel – Casa San Bartolome.

Due to some previous activities we had scheduled different plans, Fuentes Georginas (volcanic hot spring about 35 minutes from xela) for me and Volcan Tajumulco for Oliver. We also tried to find some coffee tours but its a quiet time in town so no tours were able to accomodate a single traveler 🙁 Xela as a destination seems to be good for two things, Spanish schools and trekking options, otherwise the town is a little quiet albeit with some great comedors and great coffee.



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