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Week Five – Puerto Escondido

Instead of working I am going to the beach 🙂



Check below the pictures for more of the real story.

Well, we done a few other things too. An evening trip to Laguna Manialtepec where they have light emitting plankton – in the dark of night with no moon the plankton will light up when threatened. If you jump into the water it will shimmer light all around. It can be a little tricky to find the good patches of plankton and our initial swim was a little underwhelming due to the lack of the light emitting plankton, but the warm water and dead of night made up for that.

As we had seen little plankton the boat pilot took us to the end of the mangroves where the lagoon meets the sea, luckily the clouds covered the mooon and the fish in the water were setting off the plankton, every fish had a luminous glow and hanging your hand in the water would make it shimmer with a light blue edge. So many fish were jumping around that one landed in the boat, until I got my hands on it and tossed it back into the lagoon. The downside of the clouds….rain, already wet with the rain coming down on an open top boat with a 15km trip back to the van! A little chilly!

Other hightlights of the week include swimming with a turtle at Playa Manzillino, body boarding at Playa Marinero (Playa Zicatela is reserved for experts – see the pics for a sample of a good surfer, a lot bailed and it looked painful). The waves at Playa Marinero were strong enough to flip me upside down, rolling me along the beach under a torrent of white water, with water going up my nose, down my throat and sand stuck in every conceivable location. Later in the day the waves were more manageable and I had figured out the techniques I had developed in Hawaii. Its tough being a weekend warrior when it comes to surfing and body boarding.

We also checked out some of the local Taco places in town and managed to visit each of the beaches, our favourites being Playa Marinero for waves and Playa Carrizalillo for the turtle and fish.

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