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Week Four – Valle De Bravo

Valle De Bravo is a Puebla Magica, a town that has been identified by the Mexican Tourism Secretariat as offering a “magical” experience due to its natural beauty. It’s a 2 hour bus ride from Mexico City, we left at 10 and got there at 12:05, direct. We had booked a posada online and the owner came to pick us up at the station, unexpected but nice. We were her only customers at the hotel and it was basic and clean.

Our goal was to look for activities since we heard the area was a playground for outdoor sports, hence world cup paragliding competition starting during the week. Next day we managed to catch the local bus to Los Sucos and in true Mexican fashion we missed our stop because driver didn’t announce it so we got off in middle of Hwy and started to walk. Met up with guides with horses and out we went to see the largest migration of monarch butterflies. Incredible! Weather was cool and overcast so not many flying around.

Next day was mountain biking but it started to rain….lots of rain. We decided to do it anyways. Hired a guide from a local bike shop for a 36 km ride in the hills. Wet…more like soaked and cold. Had to stop into a little house where we managed to get some coffee and bring feeling back to our hands and fingers. Unfortunate for us the rain didn’t stop all day and into the next….”it never rains in January” that was the talk of the town. Bummer!

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