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Hiking Santa Cruz, Guanajuato

During my quest to find easy access to the hills surrounding Guanajuato I came across a hike up a hill called Santa Cruz, on top it has a cross visible from the East side of the city. Plus I had a GPS track courtesy of another blog.
First we crossed town from our accommodation, linking up with the downloaded GPS track just after Cafe Tal (one of the coffee shops we have frequented for thick chocolate drinks and coffee), we followed the track up some steep roads and steps until we got to the edge of the town where builders were working on the never quite finished buildings. As we passed the last house the dogs were barking to ensure we didn’t encroach on their masters domain, the echo’s of their voices carrying up through the contours of the hills.

The wind in the last couple of days had picked up, the sun was still strong but the wind took the edge off of the potentially searing heat with the dry grass and dust following the direction of the winds force. We could see where our destination sat, opposite a cross on a smaller knoll to the South – one which we decided to skip and head for the high point. As we gained elevation the trail narrowed and the thorny plants scratched at our lower legs, the wind also picked up more until we cornered in behind the high point of the Santa Cruz cross. The place seemed deserted until we caught sight of an ATV and a couple of guys sat having a chat, the ATV rider had full armour but seemed to be taking it slow down the hill. The other two guys smiled as we passed their station. As we carried on and turned back we noticed they were collecting the arms of some of the cacti, they appeared to have a pit and a few other people were preparing the cacti for what we believe will be dried for decorations.

As we reached the highest point of the day the wind had total control, simply throwing my hat up in the air led to it being blown at least 50 feet away! My t-shirt rustled as I stood next to the cross and I soon had to move before I cooled down too much. On the way back we took a slightly different route, jumping over a small canyon that was around a foot wide and descending back to the semi-wild dogs barking to each other all over the town. A stop at another coffee shop before heading back up the hill to our accommodation, an easy hike that took around 2 or 3 hours at an easy pace.


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