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Week Two – Mexico City

Into week two, Mexico City has been fairly quiet as a lot of residents leave the city to go on vacation at the beach and other inland towns and villages. This is good in some respects as the roads are quieter and its easier to move around, its also bad as we have failed three times to get into the climbing gym, many of the coffee shops have not been open until 11am and schedules for museums, restaurants and other places have been all over the place.

A couple of the highlights this week have been the Teotihuacan complex. Wiki entry on some of the history of the Pyramids before Mexico City was built over the top and consumed the whole Lake Texcoco.

We also managed to get out of town to the Desierto De Los Leones Parque in a taxi for 200 peso’s only for the cab driver to tell us that we could have caught the bus and that it will be cheaper to return from the Bus Stop at the bottom of the hill, now we know!

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