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La Reforma/Circuito Bicentenario Circuit

On Sundays, in Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma and a couple of other roads are closed to traffic. This allows cyclists, runners and walkers to travel around the loop with ease. Along the way other activities such as yoga are available.

Getting bikes proved a small challenge, as we attempted the ride during the Christmas break some of the bike rental stores were closed and EcoBici (Mexico Citys bike pool service) requires you to sign up and collect a card before you can rent. We had read some reports that there were free bikes available but did not really trust the information. We went along to Chapultepec Park and Museo Nacional de Anthropologia and managed to find BiciGratis! Single speed, heavy bikes, but they are free for 3 hours, our travel budget had been saved!

So off we headed, thinking we were riding up and down La Reforma, only to figure out there is a right turn near Zocalo (James Bond has been there in Spectre) that then leads you through some markets and out onto a highway. It was a nice day, smog was nowhere to be seen and the sun was warm. Everything was good for an hour until we turned to see where we were and figure out how much longer it could possibly be, the Latinoamericana building was quite a way away. GPS was not much use as it did not detail the route we were following although there were many others headed the same way so we continued on, and on, until we checked with a transit supervisor who said we had completed the majority of the loop, phew! The toughest part was when going up and over the other roads on the highway with the heat and trying to figure out if we could get the bikes back without being fined a late fee.

As we finished off the trip down La Reforma we managed to get back with 20-30 minutes to spare, its definitely something worth trying out if you are heading to Mexico City. Many other cities may be able to learn a thing or two about promoting bicycling and giving back the city to pedestrians and cyclist, if only for one day a week.

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