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Mount Washington Adventure

Mount Washington is home to one of the most spectacular coastal alpine settings in North America and with the the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop on one side and scenic Strathcona Park bordering the other, It is a very much sought after ski area.  My brother had always recommended skiing there and the day finally came.

We got up at the crack of dawn for the journey to Vancouver Island as the crossing on the ferry takes a good few hours. I was very excited as it had recently snowed and the mountain had a good layer of fresh powder. This area is known for good snowfall. With a Tim Hortons in one hand and ski’s in the other I was ready for the adventure!.

We arrived onto the island and booked into a hotel close to the mountain. They do not have much accommodation up there but it is great as it keeps it untouched and as long as there is a nice,long mountain road to drive up in order to get there.

There is a good range of runs and in particular blue runs which are great for the warm ups and then a few Black single diamond runs for the more challenging routes. We met a ski instructor up there who lives on the island and she was given the opportunity to  test my skills. We jumped on the chair upto the highest point of this mountain and the views are breathtaking. As you reach the top there are signs saying “ski at your own risk”. As my brother was new to skiing he did decide to cop out of the Black run down through the trees and under the lifts where people can view. I wanted to challenge myself and although my heart was pounding I managed to focus on the beauty and fluffly, white snow makes it so beautiful. The ski’s s glided through the snow as it is so light and although I was having to do several short swings I managed to follow the instructor as I felt as ease with a local. I would only do this with someone who knows the slopes and with the correct equipment on.

As I said before, my brother was new to skiing and this was also the perfect opportunity to instruct him. After my challenge all skiied to the lodge for a break and to rest the muscles.It can really take it out of you after tackling a Black double diamond run. After a well deserved rest we then got another lift up to the top and chose a Blue run to practice on. My brother being confident and sporty  managed to break all the rules which I outlined to him below

1. Do not look at your skis as  You ski with feet not eyes. Do you look at feet when you walk!

2.Rotate body to turn. Shoulders and torso “force” the skis to turn.

3. Look in the direction that you anticipate to turn and not back at your instructor!.

To be fair he is able to stop and has reasonable good control but sadly no technical form!!  It is a perfect mountain to ski if you are a beginner as there are many green and blue run and not so many advanced. The sheer beauty of the peaceful and not so crowded mountain makes it the perfect place.

It costs $75 dollars for a day ticket which is worth it as the runs are amazing and so open. The added bonus is that it is a small resort and reasonably quiet and on this particular day we pretty much as some of the runs to ourselves.


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