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Mountain Biking in Spain 2011

After riding a bike from Vancouver to San Francisco I had booked six weeks to visit friends and family in the UK. The nice thing about the UK is the ability to fly to Europe and spend time exploring new areas, on this occasion I enjoyed trips to Germany, Italy, Croatia and Spain.

It all came about when I was waiting for my sister at Starbucks, drinking coffee and surfing the net, I found a cheap flight and then started to search for mountain bike guides. I came across Mountain Biking Spain, after a few emails and phone conversations I booked five days riding. The total cost with flight, car rental, accommodation and bike rental was very reasonable, the car rental was probably the most expensive part of the trip. Upon arriving in Almanzora I grabbed my hard tail rental bike and checked out the apartment, the town was pretty small so having the car was good to get back to the beach and explore after riding.

On the first day we rode straight out of the apartment into the valley to check out the terrain and how the bike would work for me. I was unsure of the riding style and how hot the weather would get but settled in pretty quickly. As I was the lone rider I was able to set the pace and it seemed like we covered a lot of ground in the next few days, riding along ridge lines and near a town called Seneca where there was a steep climb with some fun, fast downhill at the end. All of the riding was around the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and we avoided any areas that were restricted, I have heard ride leaders who will take you in closed environmentally sensitive areas which can lead to backlash against mountain bikers so its best to stay out.

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Mountain Biking Spain.


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